Rainbow Crystals
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We are Charlie and Gladys
Bridges of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

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The Earthkeeper

We are the keepers of this 500 pound crystal. The crystal was mined in 1978 by Dured Graves in the McEarl mine near Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. He and his wife had a rock shop in their home on Highway 298 that we passed on the way to the Miller Mountain Crystal Mine.

Dured had two large crystals sitting in front of his shop, one by the gate and this one was on a table. The first time I saw them, I asked Mrs. Graves if they were for sale. She said no and she didn't think they ever would be. When we left the shop that first time, I told Charlie that I didn't know how, when or why but one of those crystals was mine. That was in 1987. Every time we visited the shop over the next few years I always got the same story that they would never be for sale. We moved to Hot Springs Village in August 1990 and by December 1990 the crystal was in our home and we didn't buy it.

Charlie's cousin Victor came to dig crystals in December and we stopped to show him "my" big crystal. He looked around the shop and found some crystals he wanted to get before he went home. In jest , I asked Mrs. Graves if there was any chance that Mr. Graves would take a boat, motor and trailer in trade for one of the big crystals. Several days later before Victor left we took him back out to the shop. Mrs. Graves asked if I wasn't the woman that had mentioned the boat, motor and trailer. I said I sure was and she said Mr. Graves was upset that she hadn't gotten my telephone number and to go over to the house and talk to him. I did, we traded and that is how the crystal came to our house. When the crystal was picked up by four large men to move it, the table collapsed to the ground. I put a 40 watt light bulb behind it and every year a little more light shines through it.

We had it sitting in the corner of the living room with the cable lines coming under it to the entertainment center. Several years ago electricity struck the cable line of the neighbors house two doors down during a violent thunder storm. It traveled the cable line to our house. Charlie and I both saw a blue ball of light come out of the crystal into the living room. It did no harm to the new T.V. in the entertainment center but traveled the cable to the bedroom and fried the T.V. and VCR. I feel it activated the energy in the crystal.

We dig crystals in the mines open to the public in our area and buy the larger ones. We are both intuitive and Charlie especially, has the ability to pick just the right crystals for people. We have some very special crystals to share and to sell. Please contact us with any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by our web page.

Love, Light & Peace,

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